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This network is a safe place for like-minded followers of the Messiah to come together, find local contacts, discuss issues, and plan the celebration of the Feasts of YHVH and other events according to the Creator's original calendar.

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    Who really is Satan?

    Started by Dinah bat Yisrael in Teachings and Studies. Last reply by marilyn hurst Feb 21. 39 Replies

    I have always been taught that Satan was the anointed Cherub in Ezekiel 28:12-19 even though the word 'satan' does not appear anywhere in the text. In fact the entire passage is a prophecy about the King of Tyre... a man.The other passage commonly…Continue

    Tags: Lucifer, Helel, cherub, anointed, adversary


    Started by AnaMarie in A Place for Beginners. Last reply by AnaMarie Feb 10. 2 Replies

    Strange, but my first post. :)To celebrate Passover, would a male need to be circumcised in the flesh?Thanks. I better find a intro thread now!Continue

    Full Martial Law for the USA by Spring Equinox

    Started by John Ashcraft in End Times / Prophecy. Last reply by John Ashcraft Jan 31. 1 Reply

    Project Prophecy will go into action on 19 march 2015 the solar eclipse of 20 March 2015 will rip the north atlantic ocean causing massive sunamis and earthquakes worldwide, it is a mass extinction event all volcanic eruptions in US Yellowstone will…Continue

    Tags: Day, of, the, Lord, Times

    Massive Animal Deaths connected to the coming of the Day of the Lord Now

    Started by John Ashcraft in End Times / Prophecy. Last reply by John Ashcraft Jan 24. 26 Replies

         Some believers believe that Jesus/Yeshua is not due until 2048 or 49 or 2055. Explain to me if you believe that why is the events of this article occuring now and not starting in 2045.      Mass Animal Deaths for 2014…Continue

    Tags: of, Zephaniah, the, 2015, 2017

    Feast Dates 2014

    Started by John Ashcraft in End Times / Prophecy. Last reply by John Ashcraft Jan 21. 1 Reply

    21st Century. Soros Time Clock: 2002-2056, Tishrei.Fulfillment of Fall Feasts and Messianic Kingdom. 2014/2015 Lunar and Solar Eclipses In 2014 and 2015 there will be 4 blood moon total lunar eclipses all falling on feast days. Year 6000 1. Month 1…Continue

    Tags: Passover, Cross, Comet, 2015, 2017

    The Truth of Genesis: The Sad Truth of Christianity and Judaism – The Final-End.

    Started by Herman Cummings in Teachings and Studies. Last reply by casey best Jan 17. 1 Reply

    This is the second half of the last chapter of seven of this series, which addresses what I believe are problems with Christianity and Judaism.      Haven’t you heard of the “creation/evolution controversy”?  It has been resolved, but the Clergy in…Continue

    Tags: Lucifer, Origin, Satan, Christianity, Moses

    ME, sure why not ME!

    Started by Micheal Paul Hein in Teachings and Studies. Last reply by casey best Jan 17. 2 Replies

    When I was a Sunday keeper I came across lots of people who were infected with the "ME" bug.  They always were getting dreams and messages from God which never helped the body but did magnified themselves.  Of course no one could argue the point of…Continue

    Old Earth chronology and local flood

    Started by Shimshon Searchingeagle in Teachings and Studies. Last reply by Micheal Paul Hein Jan 14. 2 Replies

    though I do not believe that we came from apes; however I do believe that the earth is billions of years old divided into 3 or 4 earth ages; I also believe that Noah's flood was a local flood; because if it was a global; because if it was a global…Continue

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    Profile IconMichael Rood via Facebook

    Michael update from his sister Deb: Surgery for Michael went really well...the doctor said his heart was strong...his coloring is fantastic, no more pallor. The Father has been so good to us. Mom is resting now and we will go back to see him in…

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    Facebook4 hours ago · Reply
    Marcus Da Costa posted a video

    Earnestly contend

    Before his assentation, Yeshua gave his disciples instructions to ‘Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature’. The disciples who spen...
    5 hours ago
    Don Willaims posted a status
    "Praise Yah! \o/ Michael, you are in our prayers my brother. To Abba be all the glory for your successful surgery and recovery!"
    6 hours ago
    Profile IconMichael Rood via Facebook

    Michael is out of surgery. The surgeon spoke with the family and said everything was successful. Right now the family is waiting to see Michael for the first time.

    Facebook8 hours ago · Reply
    Profile IconMichael Rood via Facebook

    The surgeon suggested Michael cut his beard. That wasn't an option so his daughter, Sara, offered her assistance. Here's Michael - just before surgery - with his French braided beard! #PrayForMichael

    Facebook13 hours ago · Reply
    Profile IconMichael Rood via Facebook

    Update on Michael: Michael had his pre-surgery blood work done today. He will check-in to the surgery floor tomorrow at morning 5am for pre-opp and then they will be operating sometime mid-morning. More updates to come throughout the day…

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    Profile IconMichael Rood via Facebook
    Facebookyesterday · Reply
    Profile IconKatina Eloise and Patrick Joel, Vigil, Jr. joined Aviv Moon Network
    Profile IconMichael Rood via Facebook

    Have you read our March newsletter? ON THE NIGHT OF THE PASSOVER, the Messiah bore the contempt and hatred of the religious leaders. He was scourged and ridiculed. He was treated as the lowest of the low. They nailed him to a stake, publicly…

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    Profile IconA Rood Awakening
    Profile IconMichael Rood via Facebook

    Shabbat Night Live – February 27, 2015 Purim: The Making of a King’s Bride (Episode 5) — The Whole Megillah! Some 2,300 years before Hitler… Jews faced extinction on a single day. But a reluctant young queen saved them…

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    FacebookFriday · Reply
    Sandy ( Single's Mod) replied to Mariah Chappell's discussion Sanguine in the group Single Torah Fans
    "Welcome Mariah..sounds like you have been busy!!Congradulations on choosing a nursing career.My only advice would be to just keep on hanging on,wait for the one He has for you..theres no rush..He will bring him when the tme is right..blessings and…"


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